Civil Filings

All New Law Suits (One Service) – $300.00

Each extra service – $100.00

New Suit, without service of Process – $300.00

Suit for Divorce with one Service of Process – $300.00

Issuance of TRO, Rule, Citation, each – $100.00

New suit – Executory Process, Sequestration, Injunctive Relief, with one service (Sheriff – $500) – $300.00
Adoptions – $400.00

Garnishment in existing suit – $200.00

Separate check required for service thru Sec. of State – $50.00(per)
EBR service thru Sec. of State – $29.36 per service

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux (EBR) (other) according to schedule – $
Other sheriff’s require a check for their service. Please call

Suits requiring Deposit of $200.00 with One Service (in existing suit)

Motions with Rule, Exceptions with Rule, Summary judg. w/rule
Judgment Debtor Exam
Partition of Community Property
Reconventional Demand
Supplemental & Amending Petition
Third Party Demand, Interventions, Cross Claims
Workman’s Compensation

Each Additional service is $100.00

Interrogatories, Req,Production Documents,
Req.Admission of Facts-with one service-$100

Jury Order Filing Fee – $150.00

Motion for Appeal – $100.00
Once signed by the Judge we send out anther bill for
total appeal costs.

JUDGMENT OF DISMISSAL – Please call the suit department at 985-369-6653


New Probate (Succession, tutorship, emancipation,
Minority, interdiction, etc.) – $300.00

Subpoenas – each – $100.00

Paper Exhibits, attachments, transcripts and
depositions, per page, R.S.13:841 (A)(2)(c) – $2.00 each
All other exhibits -compact disc,tapes,maps,etc.
Each RS 13:841 (A)(2)(c) – $5.00 per

Fax Filing: RS 13:850 – Original has to be received within 7 days.

Bureau of Criminal Identification-$250.00, Clerk-$200.00
Sheriff-$50, DA-$50
If DWI have to also add: Dept. of Public Safety-$50
Must all be Separate Money Orders!